New Syllabus Mathematics Workbook 2 | KitaabNow

The New Syllabus Mathematics (NSM) series is a curriculum with a wide range of learning experiences and with a focus on interaction and application of concepts. These textbooks integrate real-life applications of learnt concepts to make mathematics relevant and relatable to students. NSM textbooks demonstrate the powerful connection between learning and applying mathematical methods, asContinue reading “New Syllabus Mathematics Workbook 2 | KitaabNow”

Marshall Cavendish Maths Activity Book 2 | Kitaabnow

Original writing, hundreds of exercises, and first-hand feedback make this the ideal gift for teachers, parents, students, and anyone wanting to learn. Marshall Cavendish Maths aim to help children realize why mathematics is important and how it can be used to bring order and understanding to the world around them. These books focus on theContinue reading “Marshall Cavendish Maths Activity Book 2 | Kitaabnow”

Why Teach Your Child to Read?

Early reading gives the child the opportunity to move from our own world to another world. They learn new words and phrases, experience a lot of emotions, and gain skills and knowledge. Because of the ability to learn, the effects of reading on children’s development are enormous, and numerous studies have highlighted its benefits. ParentsContinue reading “Why Teach Your Child to Read?”

Online Book Store

Shopping at a traditional bookstore involves a lot of physical activity and time constraints. Customers simply do not have time for browsing the aisles. And traditional book shops have become even more inaccessible due to the Pandemic. The solution is an online book store. There is no time constraint and you can shop from theContinue reading “Online Book Store”

Best Online Stationery Store for Office Stationery Supplies and School Supplies:

Do you want to buy office supplies online in Pakistan? Looking for quality products at affordable prices? You are certainly at the right place. is your one stop solution for books, course packs, stationery, school uniform, office supplies and print and bind services offered with cash on delivery payment option. The products are efficientlyContinue reading “Best Online Stationery Store for Office Stationery Supplies and School Supplies:”

Urdu A Language & A Culture.

Urdu was formed in the 12th century AD by the Upbharmasha region of northwestern India, which served as a linguistic dialect after the Muslim conquest. His first great poet was Amir Khusrau (1253–1325), who composed Dohas (Doha), folk songs and chalakis in a newly formed speech. Urdu, which is the official language of Pakistan, isContinue reading “Urdu A Language & A Culture.”


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