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Original writing, hundreds of exercises, and first-hand feedback make this the ideal gift for teachers, parents, students, and anyone wanting to learn.

Marshall Cavendish Maths aim to help children realize why mathematics is important and how it can be used to bring order and understanding to the world around them. These books focus on the skills and knowledge needed for children to learn and understand mathematics.

Each book is written with a clear and easy to follow method. There is a clear progression from one book to the next, which builds on what is learned in the previous book. Areas for practicing maths are given at the end of each book.

Marshall Cavendish Maths - Kitaabnow
Marshall Cavendish Maths Activity Book 2 is available at

Marshall Cavendish Maths Activity Book 2 has been engineered for clarity and ease-of-use. Want to get to grips with Times Tables? Our Times Tables Book will get you there in no time. Need to brush up on Algebra? Our essential Algebra Book will help you with the basics. These subjects are included in our core programme; plus there’s place to include Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Money, Measurement, and more.

Buy Marshall Cavendish Maths Activity Book 2 is available at

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