Urdu A Language & A Culture.

Urdu was formed in the 12th century AD by the Upbharmasha region of northwestern India, which served as a linguistic dialect after the Muslim conquest. His first great poet was Amir Khusrau (1253–1325), who composed Dohas (Doha),

folk songs and chalakis in a newly formed speech. Urdu, which is the official language of Pakistan, is spoken as the first language of about 70 million people and also as a 2nd language by more than 100 million individuals, particularly in Pakistan and India. 

In terms of phonetics, Urdu sound is similar to Hindi, except in short heads in different colors. Urdu also maintains a complete set of aspiring stops (sounds of sudden release with a good release breath), a feature of Indo-Aryan, as well as retroflex stops.

In the 18th century, Urdu became a literary language and two similar standard forms emerged in Delhi and Lucknow. A third standard has emerged in Karachi since 1947. Deccan, an ancient form used in the south, became the court language of the Deccan sultans in the 16th century. 

Initially, Urdu novels focused on urban social life, which eventually expanded to include rural social life. He covered the changing times under the movement inspired by Sajjad Zaheer. However,

the Partition of India had a profound effect on the novel, which raised questions of identity and migration which can be seen in the great works of Abdullah Hussain and Qara-ul-Ain Haider. Towards the end of the last century, the novel took a serious turn towards the modern life and realities of the young generation of India.

Urdu literature has been in the form of a short story for more than a hundred years. During this time, it has gone through some important stages, including the early Romantic period, progressive writings, modernist writings, and the present stage.

Although several male and female writers wrote short stories during the first phase (including romance stories and social criticism), this short story was used as a regular part of Urdu literature in the development of Munshi Prem Chand’s writings. Visit Kitaabnow today for the best Urdu books of different writers and categories like novels, history, poetry, poems etc.

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